20 gold wedding cakes with gorgeous details


You’ve booked the perfect location, sent your backup dates, and now it’s time to take the next step: dive into your cake design. Couples have chosen to add gold accents to their confections in a variety of ways, bringing a stunning metallic finish to their cakes, regardless of their wedding style.

There are so many ways for cake designers to achieve a tanned look for a wedding cake, and it all depends on the style the couple want. “There are endless choices and tons of fabulous options for couples who want to incorporate gold into their wedding cakes,” says Moriah Tulier, owner of Wildflower Cakes. “You can see big with entire painted tiers or even something small and delicate like a golden monogram. Hints of metallic splash, golden bas-reliefs, shimmering fondant edges, Art Deco detailing and glitter, the pastry artists can paint almost any detail large or small gold with the right tools. ”

Meet the expert

Moriah Tulier is the owner and founder of Wildflower Cakes, a Denver-based pastry shop.

From flakes of gold leaf to pouring melted golden chocolate for a drip effect, there is a cake with golden accents for any venue. To inspire your cake design planning, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. Read on for 20 pretty wedding cakes with gorgeous golden details that we love.

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