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Full of warm colors and cooler temperatures, the fall wedding season is undoubtedly one of Southern wedding favorites. With a slight chill in the air and colorful changing leaves, the feel of fall lends itself to endless creativity. And, especially since it’s officially baking season, fall wedding cakes are no exception. With seasonal flavors on their side, fall wedding cakes are perfect for the modern and traditional bride. Some of today’s trending wedding cake designs look like they were designed with fall in mind. Layers and metallic wedding cake accents, for example, pair perfectly with deep fall hues, bringing a touch of glamor to an fall palette. The current “naked cake” trend can also bring a rustic, seasonal texture to a fall wedding cake by leaving the frosting behind and letting the color of the cake blend into the design. Of course, traditional touches, like bleachers decorated with beautiful flowers and berries, blend effortlessly into a striking fall dessert. Edible flowers enhance the design of many beautiful cakes we see at Southern weddings. There are plenty of edible flowers to put on your fall wedding cake like pansies, anise, chamomile, and marigolds. Ready to find your perfect wedding cake design? Let your inspiration run wild with some of our favorite fall wedding cake ideas.

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