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Close-up Bridal Cakes by Cake Jill (Image: Submissive)

Longtime baker Jill Wilson has shifted her baking business to wedding cakes, coinciding with a boom in wedding celebrations due to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I knew there weren’t a lot of places around, especially in Saint John, that offered wedding cakes – and I love them, they’re easy to make,” Wilson said.

Wilson started cooking in grade 12 and worked in a cooperative with Danielle’s Desserts on Loch Lomond Road. At first, she just made cakes and cupcakes for family and friends in her parents’ kitchen.

After completing dental hygiene school in 2017, she started her first bakery business with an emphasis on casual baked goods, milk and butter cupcakes. In July, she focused on making wedding cakes with Bridal Cakes By Jill.

Jill Wilson’s wedding cake and cupcakes (Image: Submitted)

With the lifting of COVID restrictions and more and more people getting vaccinated, the marriage industry is slowly recovering. Wilson was quickly inundated with inquiries and is now full for 2021 with seven orders.

“I’m starting to get more cake inquiries, especially for 2022,” Wilson said. “Instagram is a great tool for promoting business – where you see a lot of photographers and wedding stuff.”

The classic, rustic wedding aesthetic is currently popular, as evidenced by Wilson’s compact wedding cakes and COVID-friendly individual cupcakes.

“The cupcakes are individually wrapped and only the portion you hand out,” she said. “There is no portioning involved, there is no cutting, there is no touching – a lot of brides have requested that option.”

Wilson says another popular cake request is a “naked iced cake,” where a cake is lightly iced once. “It’s not as sweet, there’s less frosting so a lot of people go for that option,” she said.

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