Rats caught crawling on pastries discovered in supermarket bakery


4 October 2021, 12:31

Rodent footage from a London supermarket has left shoppers forever refusing to buy uncovered pastries.

A London supermarket came under fire over the weekend after images of two rats crawling on their discovered bakery section went viral.

The rodent footage was taken by videographer Anthony Mitson, who spotted the rats at a Sainsbury’s store in Islington, London.

Two rats can be seen crawling on the basket of croissants

We see two rats crawling on the basket of croissants.

Photo: Anthony Mitson

In the disturbing video, two rats can be seen inside the bakery basket, where only a croissant remains.

When the rats realize they’ve been spotted, they both quickly crawl behind the shelf and out of sight.

Since Anthony shared the images online, they have gone viral, with shoppers demanding responses from the supermarket chain.

The rodents quickly fled when they noticed they had been spotted

The rodents were quick to flee when they noticed they had been spotted.

Photo: Anthony Mitson

One person commented on Twitter: “That’s why I stopped buying unpackaged bulk items in supermarkets.”

Another posted: “It’s disgusting this store should be closed, demolished, rebuilt and bought by a responsible supermarket that actually cleans.”

A third said: “I’m not going to lie, this will prevent me from buying anything in the bakery section of Sainsbury for life.”

Sainsbury’s issued a statement to Mail Online, which read: “Safety and health is the most important thing to us and we are very sorry for this experience.

“We are taking immediate action to clean up our Essex Road store and pest control has been called in.

“We apologize to our customers who can rest assured, we will do everything possible to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.”

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